Pest control is the elimination of a specific type of animal or insect usually considered a hazard to an individual’s wellbeing, environment or economy. The following are the major types of pest control methods.

Ways to Control Pest, Gold Coast Pest Control

Biological Pest Control

This is the natural control of pests with very little damage to the environment and the population. It is the best since it doesn’t have any side effects; for example, the introduction of a bacterium that kills mosquito larvae in order to control them.

Removal Of Their Breeding Grounds

By elimination of the places that provide shelter and breeding grounds for the pests and organisms, their chances of survival and replicating are minimized. Some of the simple ways of doing this in the community are by maintaining proper waste, garbage disposal, and proper sewer drainage systems. Through this, pests like rats, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and ants infestation are controlled.

Mechanical Pest Control

This is the use of gadgets, hands and natural components to provide protection between insects and plants. For example, removal of weeds from the ground as a means of weed control can fall under this. LED lights can also be used as a controlling measure since it interferes with the breeding of some insects.

Pest Trap, Electric Mosquito TrapTraps

By knowing exactly what type of pest you want to eliminate, it’s very easy to get the right trap. There are various types of these traps, namely glue traps, live catch traps and snap traps, which are very common. Once caught, the option of disposing of both trap and pest or just predator is usually left to the user.

Poisoned Bait

Although it’s an effective way of pest control, it has disadvantages that might affect both human and animals alike if used in a place where there are alternative food sources. Caterpillars, slugs, flies, crabs, rats and other wild animals have been managed through this old method.


This is a common way of pest control. Pesticides mostly get their names according to the pest that they control. There are different forms of pesticides including biopesticides, chemical pesticides, and antimicrobials. Some of these pesticides cause health-related problems, for example, cancer, and environmental harm if handled wrongly.  


This is an effective way of pest control. One example is when hot steam is forced into the ground; pests are killed instantly in the process. By making the place not to be conducive to their survival, pests and insects tend to flee in order find new habitats.


Repellants include EPN approved balsam oil which is a non-toxic product. It is a safe and easy way of controlling pests like snakes, crocodiles, and rats.

Types Of Pest Control, Gold Coast Pest ControlBurning

In cases like fields where pests like snakes, rats, and other wild predators might reside, the option of burning is also a means of controlling since insects and eggs that are still there will be killed. This is mostly done on sugarcane fields.

There are various types of pest management and controlling methods for different kinds of predators and insects. Each requires a unique approach since some chemicals may have long-term effects, or are dangerous to both pets and humans if handled wrongly, consumed or inhaled. Therefore, it’s highly advisable to let professionals handle the job.